Gochee Labs Puppy Adoption FormThese questions are an opportunity for us to get to know you. They could also prompt questions you hadn't considered.

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Please understand being a guardian is a long-term commitment.

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If yes, explain the circumstances.

It can be ordered at www.PawTree.com/GocheeLabs, www.LifesAbundance.com/GocheeLabs or tlcpetfood.com/135196-1025

Order code 471152

If not, you can learn more here www.GocheeLabs.com/Puppy-Culture

If yes, what type?

By the way, crate training is a wonderful tool when used for it's intended purpose.

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If unsure, double check with your local vet.

BEFORE committing to a puppy, make sure you are prepared with REAL expectations.  Puppies are exhausting.  They are like having a toddler in the house.  They wake you up throughout the night, bark, bite, have potty accidents, can chew on everything, etc.  You are taking on a responsibility to TRAIN them past these behaviors.  

We appreciate your interest in our puppies. We receive calls, emails, texts all-day long.  Please, do NOT submit this application unless you are ready to send in a deposit and reserve a puppy. Thank you for your respect and understanding.

If you have not received a follow-up within 2 days of submitting the application, we most likely did not receive it. (server error, etc) In that case, please call us. :)