How to Start a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is very common in college students. It has become an essential part of the college admission process. Most students find the personal statement writing process a challenging task.

Do you want to know how you can write a personal statement that makes you stand out?

Let’s get started, but first, let’s understand what actually is the personal statement.

What is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a type of college essay, in which you write about your talents, your achievements, your college essay, and hobbies.

A well-written personal statement can give you an advantage over the hundreds and thousands of other candidates. It will help you secure an admission in college.

How to Write a Personal Statement?

Well writing a personal statement is a kind of tricky task but if you got to know the tricks you can solve the puzzle. Let’s see how you can write a captivating personal statement

Break the Task into Portions

Break down the whole essay into small steps or portions. It will help you to manage your information. Break your essay into small portions and approach them one by one.

Write Like You

Don’t try to become a human thesaurus. Act like you. Your essay should look like you have written it, not like a churning quote out of a novel. It should represent you; it should look like your own story. Your authentic information impresses the reader more than a quote from an age-old philosopher!

Back Yourself Up

The information you have provided in your personal statement, it should be true and authentic. Back yourself up by providing the true story. Instead of writing aimlessly about yourself, check that every bit of the personal statement is relevant to you.

Make Creativity the Key

Creativity is the key to success, so make creativity your key to college essay writing service. Not just your opening lines or thesis statement but your complete essay should show the creativity. Your essay shouldn’t look like thoughts coming out of anywhere, it should engage the reader.

Create Some Drama

Have you ever read the last page of the book secretly, before you even started reading the book? Well, it’s human nature, we are attracted to a bit of a drama. Mysterious opening line catches the reader’s attention and keeps him alert throughout the rest of the essay. Create some mysterious kind of drama in your essay which makes the reader want to get to know the end. It’s okay to leave your reader hanging for a moment with your first scene, as long as you provide the answer in a timely manner.

Paint a Picture

Well, you don’t exactly have to pick up the color pallet and paint a picture. You need to use your words in a way that they paint a complete picture in the reader’s mind. Its an art, to paint a picture that you have in your mind, through words. Do not tell your reader what you have done, show them. Let them see what you have done through your words.

Some Killer Opening Lines to Start Your Essay

  • Cancer tried to kill me but it failed.

  • I changed my first name whenever I place an order at Starbucks.

  • I almost didn’t live through November 9th, 2011.

  • If my life were a play, there would be two characters, two acts, and two sets.

  • One fine day, my young sister, Jennifer, came home, staggering about the shirt her friend had worn at school. It read, “Homicide, Genocide, Riverside, Suicide.”

  • I have never seen a person getting excited about mitochondria.

Important Tip to Write a Killer Personal Statement

You can start your personal statement by writing a compelling opening college essay examples. But it is a good idea to write your introduction after you are done with your essay. Once you are done writing, you know exactly what you have written and you have more idea how you have presented yourself. Hence, if you write the introduction paragraph at the end, you don’t have to think and create some appealing opening line, they come up naturally.

Leave your opening line until last, instead of planning what you want to say or how you want to start, concentrate on the main point and write your essay.

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