Temporary email, permanent email saver

Anyone who uses an email address knows that at some point, after some time of use, the e-mail box is full of spam (unwanted mail) with all kinds of offers or who knows what products.

We get to this situation because, over time, we've used our email address too lightly and left it on all the websites, and now the e-mail is sinking into spam.

Why is the spam coming to our e-mail address?

Even if you left your email address on just a few sites you're supposed to trust, after a while, you notice that the spam comes from a lot of other sources.

We has several reasons:

  • The sites exchange e-mail addresses between them.
  • Sites sell email addresses to marketing companies
  • Sites can be broken by hackers who steal email addresses
  • Applications installed on phones that have access to contacts
  • Temporary mail, the best weapon in the fight against spam.

Temporary email is the best solution when you need an email address quickly, but you will not use it in the future.

We find many services on the network that provide us with the temporary email address. I'll recommend a service that I actually used that works very well.