Lease ApplicationThis form is for an application for a property lease where Chas Everitt Cape Town South has been mandated to procure tenant applications. Tenant selection is made solely by the owner and the owner is given all completed applications.

Any enquiries for this form should be made with Chas Everitt Cape Town South 021 712 5029

This application will only be processed once all required details and supporting documentation has been submitted. Should you need to submit a required document after submitting the application we will hold the application until the required documentation is submitted by email to using your surname as the reference number in the subject heading of the email. 

Property advertised online has an online reference number in the display.

Please select todays date

Please insert the RAND amount - please do not use any foreign currency amounts.

Please indicate what date of occupation you are requesting


If not a South African citizen, attach a clear copy of residence permit below

Do not leave blank. If not South African insert the country whose passport you use.

Your are giving permission to contact you by email inserting your email address

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If married overseas state country

It is assumed this is a cost that will terminate with your new rental. If not, please indicate.

Please give the name of a contact person if an organisation

Current Landlord or Agent

Nett income figure

Nett income figure

Cash payments are not acceptable

Consent hereby given for contact

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First Month's Rent  
Deposit Against Damages  
Lease Fee (R750-00) Inc vat  
Pro-Rata Rental  

An Application Fee (TPN ITC processing fee) of R230 (including vat) is required with this application and is non-refundable. Please attach proof of payment with this application and use your initials and surname as deposit reference. Please note that the application will only be processed once proof of payment has been received. If you are not attaching proof of payment to this form please email it at your earliest convenience to 

I the undersigned hereby confirm that I have viewed the interior of the premises and accept the condition of the premises "as is" and warrant that all the above information is correct. Subject to the owner's / agent's confirmation, if this application proves successful, I agree to pay the rental in advance by the 1st Day of each month and agree to sign the lease agreement without further conditions.  All maintenance and repairs are subject to the owner's discretion.  I hereby authorise Chas Everitt Cape Town South to conduct credit checks on my personal details.

For Chas Everitt; Taryn Retief (Rentals Manager)
If not being submitted online please email to
Phone: 021 712 5029

Dear Applicant

It is a lot of information and all of it is necessary to process your application, so please ensure everything is provided and submitted as processing will not start until the file is complete. 

To qualify financially you are required to earn three times the monthly rental. Payslips and bank statements will be used to verify these details.  If you do not earn this amount your intended surety must also complete an application form and pay an R230 Application Fee (TPN ITC processing fee)  as we must then perform a credit check on both parties. Chas Everitt uses TPN (Tenant Profile Network)  to perform credit checks on all applicants and your signature on the application for authorises us to do so. By returning a signed application form you are also accepting the property as is.  If completing this form offline please use a pen with clear block letters. 

Use the file attachment to upload the documents for the application
(Not yet available please email to using your surname as reference)

If South African:
Clear copy of ID or passport

If Foreigner:
Refugee status
Passport and work visa 

All applicants 
Latest payslip but not older than 45 days
If self-employed a letter from an accountant confirming your monthly income
Three months latest bank statements
Copy of proof of payment of R230 (inc vat) Application Fee (TPN ITC processing fee) - not refundable
Proof of current address
This completed application form (unless submitted online)

If a second person is applying as co-lessee all the same documentation will be required for that co-lessee
but only one application form is required.

Co-tenants are also required to provide documentation, regardless of if they are or are not paying rent.
Copy of ID or passport if 18 or older
Birth certificates for children under 18
Non-South Africans are required to provide Refugee Status or Passport and visa

Banking Details For Application Fee (TPN ITC processing fee) 

Account name: Devler Estates Constantiaberg (Pty) Ltd
Bank: First National Bank
Branch code: 200409
Account number: 620 571 794 28